RepairQ and Bluefin Present: Payment Processing Made Easy

If there’s one thing about payment processing that we can all agree on, it’s that it is absolutely essential to running a business. If there’s a second thing we can all agree on, it’s that payment processing can be confusing and complicated. From transaction fees based on things like what kind of business you run, volume of sales, and how you process to the workings and specifics of payment security, choosing a processor is one of the more difficult steps in operating a business. As you may have guessed from the previous two entries in this blog series, Bluefin and RepairQ have set out to alleviate that pain point and give repair store owners and operators a simple and customer-friendly alternative to the minefield of processors they have to choose from.


Perhaps the biggest advantage RepairQ customers can gain by partnering with Bluefin is the industry-best rate and we aren’t just saying that, we actually negotiated it. When using Bluefin as their payment processor, RepairQ customers are only charged a 1.80% processing fee, considerably lower than the 2.75% industry average. That means more money stays with your business giving you the freedom to spend it where you see fit.


Money isn’t the only thing you’ll have more of when you partner with Bluefin, though. With Bluefin’s superior security, you’ll have more peace of mind, too. Through point-to-point encryption customer payment data is indecipherable throughout the entire payment process, ensuring no weak points between a customer swiping their card and the payment being accepted. In addition to this P2PE, transparent redirection removes the middle-man when checking for authorizations via the internet, creating faster, more secure payments. If that wasn’t enough, RepairQ also utilizes tokenization, a process that turns sensitive data like credit card account numbers into a random series of characters with no meaningful value, to perform refunds, returns, and recurring billing without the customer’s credit card number.


Maybe the most convenient advantage operators will see from partnering with Bluefin when using RepairQ is the end of swivel seating. That is, there’s no reason to bounce back and forth between two systems to close a ticket as paid for, since Bluefin is already integrated with the rest of your point of sale. Just accept payment and that’s it, transaction over.


RepairQ and Bluefin have taken note of the struggles repair shop operators face when choosing a payment processor and have worked together to make that difficult decision a no-brainer. The best rates in the industry combined with better security and all around integration make RepairQ with Bluefin an easy choice. If you’re a RepairQ customer that wants to make life easier by switching to Bluefin visit their partner page to get started. Ready to pull the trigger on the most trusted web-based point of sale software built for repair shops? Schedule a live demo with our sales team today!