3 Reasons to Revisit Your Warranty Management Service

As a service authorizer whose end goal is to efficiently deliver quality products to the consumer, ensuring an accurate execution of warranty claim requirements is of utmost importance. Warranty inclusion in products can often be the difference maker in whether the consumer purchases the product and the successful execution of warranties will help maintain good standing with the consumer.

Of course, you can’t be there for every claim, watching over your warranty management provider or meticulously spearheading the claim’s process. So how do you ensure that best practices are followed for the sake of customer relations? This post will cover reasons to revisit your warranty management service process for better overall solutions.

#1 Warranties Last Through Workflow and Validation Updates

When products come upgraded or attached with three-plus year warranties, complexities come attached with them. Specifically, as time passes, product parts become outdated and products require different internal validation, repair, or replacement methods.

There’s also the matter of process to consider. Two years down the road, you may be looking at a different process for validation than when the warranty was activated. Does your current management service adhere to necessary developments in this specific workflow? Ensure long-term best practices are implemented by your provider with up-to-date warranty management software.

#2 Inadequate Warranty Claim Support: Entry Errors & Reporting Limitations

Operator and input errors, especially when recurring, can create gouges in overhead cost (an already sensitive topic relative to warranty claims). Between paying for labor and admin, the last thing authorizers need is an input error causing a claim to implode and requiring a complete restart.

Speaking of overhead costs, your data is only as good as your reporting capabilities. If you can’t trust the data you’re seeing, or if the data is seriously limited, it may be difficult to adjust your workflow, or you may even lose some claims between the cracks.

It can also be difficult to solve any provider problems if the data you’ve collected cannot adequately point to a workflow or product issue. See that your warranty management software or process allows for utilizing actionable data, that way you can effectively negotiate service contracts and ensure overall better support for your customers.

#3 You Have Little-to-Zero Visibility & Authority in the Claims Process

As we mentioned, there’s only so much an authorizer can see and change without looking over the provider’s shoulder. And the provider has their own service to worry about. Another reason to revisit your warranty management service is for the sake of visibility and authority.

A modern warranty management system will enable streamlined claim verifications and assist you in creating rules to determine the correct entitlement – whether that be exchanges, refunds, or repairs. While you’re in a mutually beneficial partnership with the provider, and they may be competent in their process, you can’t substitute the peace of mind of an optimized authorization process as prescribed by your people.  

RMA Management Software for You & Your 3PL Partners

At ServiceCentral, we meticulously address your complex claim reimbursement rules head-on, working directly with service authorizers to fully identify and execute all unique requirements. Our software products support both the authorizer and the service provider, which uniquely positions us to assist every step in the reverse logistics process.

For authorizers, ServiceNetwork™ helps onboard and manage their service provider network, ensuring standards are upheld and expectations are met. Meanwhile, our enterprise resource planning software, ServiceManager™ enables authorizers and third-party logistics partners to adequately fulfill claims and optimize their process, cutting down on overhead and creating an overall better experience for the customer.

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