Empowering Repair Shops of All Sizes:

Experience the perfect blend of efficiency and power in business management and growth. RepairQ is not merely a SaaS platform—it’s the key to effortless business transformation and success.

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RepairQ® is the most trusted end-to-end, web-based point-of-sale and management software designed specifically for mobile device repair.

A POS built for your device repair business.

Operate your business at maximum efficiency with RepairQ’s cell phone repair shop management software.

  • Support buy, sell, trade, and repair at your POS
  • Add, manage, and search customers and devices being serviced
  • Search and scan devices for sale or parts
  • Promote and automate bundled products and services
  • Sell custom-tailored extended warranties and protection plans
  • Present total due and e-signatures with Qpop™ experience

Effective marketing and promoting tools.

RepairQ offers your repair shop CRM tools that can help gain and retain customers.

  • Promote your services online
  • Host customizable online appointment booking
  • Create quotes and track conversions
  • Manage customers, purchase histories, and referrals
  • Track customer loyalty and store credit
  • Create marketing lists to engage with customers after the sale

Management tools for your business.

With performance visualizations, ticket tracking, accounting integrations, and more, RepairQ’s management tools can help monitor and manage your mobile repair business.

  • Manage inventory, purchasing, and returns (RMAs)
  • Monitor employee time and performance
  • Manage all of your locations from one place
  • Track business health with powerful reporting
  • Integrate and simplify accounting with Quickbooks Online

Service management software for repair shops.

RepairQ is an end-to-end management system with awesome features to help you stay efficient, minimize paperwork, and manage multiple locations, all in one system.

  • Manage customer devices and service history
  • Monitor tickets, tech assignments, and progress
  • Capture service approval and waiver signatures
  • Attach photos and files to tickets
  • Utilize forms and checklists
  • Track labor, parts, and retail separately
  • Share updates with customers online or through text or email

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