Depot Repair and Returns Management

For Service Providers

Software solutions uniquely tailored for depots handling returns and repairs.

We understand that managing returns and repairs from multiple channels with many unique requirements is challenging. We have successfully deployed software helping depots manage one or multiple services including: covering bulk, single unit, B2B and B2C, repair, refurbishment, return to customer, and return to stock. Our industry experts can help navigate your requirements, focus on efficient processes, and provide software that fits your depot needs to make it more proficient and profitable.

illustration of ServiceManager depot repairs solutions

Solutions Tailored for Depots

  • Consult a team that is intimately knowledgeable with your business
  • Consolidate multiple softwares and eliminate awkward processes
  • Increase visibility on the shop floor and the board room
  • Improve efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction
illustration of ServiceManager's end-to-end management

End-to-End Depot Management

  • Handle RMA origination and authorizations
  • Capture, triage, and process new requests
  • Use automation and workflows to route to repair
  • Maintain visibility through disposition or customer return
illustration of depot standardized processing

Standardized Processes and Data Capture

  • Track product, owners, and authorizing parties
  • Track services, parts, and labor consumed
  • Direct depot staff through divided workflows
  • Capture and report triage and resolution data

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