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Top Questions Searched by Users

How to: Virtual Cash Terminals

Watch how to open a virtual cash terminal, view a current virtual cash terminal, and how to close a virtual cash terminal with RepairQ. Find the video here.

How to: Manage Staff Profiles

This video walks you through the process of creating, editing, and terminating staff members. You also have the ability to track attendance records and make in-app staff announcements. Watch the video here.

How to: Setup Print Templates Receipts

RepairQ gives you the ability to manipulate the format of your receipts. Learn how to customize your print settings in this article.

How to: Clocking In/Out

With RepairQ, you do not have to be logged in to clock in/out. Click on your location dropdown in the top navigation bar, and select “Clock In/Out.” Read more here.

How to: Add a Customer

This article will walk you through adding a customer to RepairQ, it only requires a first name, last name, and primary phone number. Read the full article here.

How to: Create an Item Grid

A Catalog Item Grid is a visual user interface that navigates your Category Tree to select an item from your catalog. Learn how to set up your Item Grid here.

How to: Add Inventory

You might find it helpful to think of it as “stocking” inventory because you stock inventory items for each catalog item marked “inventoried.” Learn how to add inventory items by reading this article.

How to: Manage your RepairQ Subscription

Navigate to the Company Settings page. Navigate to the RepairQ Account page under the Account dropdown. You will see your current plan and you can upgrade your plan using the button located below that chart. For more information, read this article.

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