Warranty Entitlement and Claim Management

For Service Authorizers and Providers

Creating and Tracking Claims as a Service Authorizer

Claim validation and entitlement adjudication are critical to the service authorizer to ensure customer satisfaction, manage service provider claim fulfillment, and manage overall claim costs. ServiceCentral’s warranty management solution enforces warranty validation rules and service fulfillment adjudication. We meticulously address your complex claim reimbursement rules head-on, working directly with service authorizers to fully identify and execute all unique requirements.

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Validate the Claim

  • Check warranty eligibility using a proof of purchase or serialized date code
  • Verify the warranty claim authorization with consumer and device
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Authorize and Adjudicate Entitlements

  • Create rules to determine the correct entitlement including repair, exchange, refund, etc
  • As the claim is authorized and processed, adjudicate and approve changes as needed
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Optimize Warranty Claims Process

  • Enable faster and more accurate service provider responses to claims
  • Improve customer satisfaction with more diverse and appropriate entitlements
  • Utilize actionable data for planning and negotiating service contracts

Servicing and Tracking Claims as a Provider

Everyone who fulfills warranty claim services knows claims submission is complex and detail intensive. ServiceCentral’s warranty claim solutions are specifically tailored to streamline the way your operation validates claims data and processes claim submissions. The benefits include reduced overhead expenses and increased acceptance levels.

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Maximize Warranty Service Revenue

  • Drive maximum claim approval rates with accurate submissions
  • Ensure all valid claims are calculated and processed
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Optimize Warranty Claims Process

  • Validate warranty details as data is collected
  • Define and enforce model, manufacturer, and service program requirements
  • Submit claims in OEM/insurance/carrier specific formats
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Reduce Overhead Costs

  • Minimize expenses by eliminating errors caused by manual work
  • Reduce resource costs associated with warranty claim file creation
  • Utilize actionable data in negotiating service contracts

Meet with us to discover how to best manage your warranty claims and processing.


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