Better Inventory Management for Service Organizations

For Service Providers

Track customer products, components, and parts throughout your service process.

Managing inventory in depots, repair shops, and other service organizations presents unique problems like tracking customer products and parts compatibility. ServiceCentral®’s service inventory management solutions help empower organizations to track and manage inventory in after-sales service, return, and repair operations, from receipt and consumption, to adjustments, returns, and transfers.

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Improve Inventory Controls

  • Manage inventory in your repair, refurbish, reclaim, and fulfillment processes
  • Create unique order, receipt, transfer, cycle count, and adjustments rules
  • Add kitting, lot management, service bulletin, and recall support
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Protect Inventory Accuracy

  • Fill process gaps so inventory records are always up to date
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy with inventory process automation
  • Add deeper inventory controls to manage shrinkage from loss, theft, or error
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Expand Inventory Visibility

  • Build confidence that you have the stock levels needed to fulfill customer demand
  • Manage real-time inventory across one or many locations including third parties
  • Share your inventory transactions with your ERP or WMS

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