Helping Service Providers and Partners Work Together

For Service Authorizers and Providers

Manage a Network of Independent Service Providers

Creating a network of service partners to localize offerings and reduce internal costs is a rapidly growing trend. Many TPAs are now seeking to build and manage such networks, however most major ERPs and product claims systems are simply too generic to successfully support a diverse and growing list of partners, service offers, and logistics. For over a decade, ServiceCentral has been supporting OEMs, insurers, 3PLs, and carriers with a single platform that connects those authorizers of service with third-party service providers, providing real-time visibility, consistent processes, data unification, inventory management, adjudication and billing reconciliation, and quality control.

  • Quickly scale a national or global service network on a single platform
  • Easily onboard and manage many third-party partners
  • Automate routing, notifications, and reporting through business rules
  • Enforce best practices, workflows, and processes throughout the network
  • Compile all reporting data from every entity for unified visibility and reporting
  • Connect your ERP or other business systems through a single-point integration
  • Monitor success using reports and data-oriented service program KPIs

Participating in a Network as a Service Provider

Many service providers, like local service centers, repair shops, repair depots, 3PLs, and returns facilities, thrive through partnerships that drive consistent, referred work to their doors. Winning those partnerships is difficult enough, however managing an authorizer’s standards, ensuring quality, and employing timely reporting are essential to maintaining and growing accounts. ServiceCentral provides service provider partners with solutions to help manage commercial relationships, standard operating procedures, work-in-progress reporting, billing, and reconciliation.

  • Easily connect with one or many authorized partners in your own service application
  • Receive real-time notification of inbound appointments and leads
  • Ensure best practices and authorizer rules are followed using guided workflows
  • Automatically report SLA requirements like diagnoses, recommended services, status changes, and successful completion
  • Simplify adjudication, billing and invoice, and payment reconciliation of partner services
  • Track the success of your authorizer program, helping to both protect and grow it

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