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OEMs, 3PLs, and depots manage fulfillment and RMA services better with ServiceManager™.

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What is ServiceManager?

ServiceManager, ServiceCentral’s enterprise resource planning software, provides unmatched flexibility with fully configurable workflows and top service management functionality. Features of this platform include assistance with:

  • Return merchant authorization (RMA) management
  • Returns and repairs
  • Product disposition
  • Refurbishment and remanufacturing
  • Warranty management
  • Other B2B or B2C needs

Looking for help managing your reverse logistics partnerships?

ServiceManager can help you build a better reverse logistics business and manage unique ticket fulfillments that your ERP system can’t handle.

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RMA Processing

RMA management comes with its share of complexities. With ServiceManager, you can create, authorize, and direct consumer and B2B return merchandise with our customizable workflows and logic for both customers and providers.

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Repair and Returns Processing

Obtain high-level efficiency on the repairs and returns processes. ServiceManager can help you manage triage transitioning for returns, repairs, and refurbishment, replacement, or other necessary product dispositions.

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Fulfillment Management

Manage unique fulfillment requests, especially through reverse logistics channels, including rekitting, order management, and shipping fulfillment.

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Inventory Management

With supply chain challenges and e-commerce businesses thriving, never has inventory management been so important. ServiceManager allows you to input and track devices, parts, accessories, and other materials needed to fulfill, repair, or replace products.

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Warranty and Insurance Claims

You can also collect, entitle, and process warranty claims against product warranties or insurances validating that entitled services are approved and delivered.

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Workflow Management

Internal efficiency is at the root of positive external processing. ServiceManager allows you to create and manage unique workflows for your staff to process and appropriately fulfill services based on region, product, triage results, and many other conditions.

Improve Your Reverse Logistics Partnerships With Dynamic ERP Software

ServiceManager combines the best of ticket fulfillment practices with the internal necessities of relationship management. But that’s not all ServiceCentral provides. We have logistics software that spans the reverse supply chain industry. Whether you’re a manufacturer in need of a new service provider network or you’re the manager of a device repair business, ServiceCentral has you covered. Get started with an inquiry today.

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