Software Tailored for Product Service Management in Your Industry

If your industry provides service for high-value consumer and business goods, we can help.


ServiceCentral software provides best-in-class business solutions to organizations covering a broad spectrum of industries. From telecom and automotive to retail, medical, and beyond, our software supports organizations with post-sales product service needs.


The advent of the flying car may still be a few years away, but the transformation of IoT, electric propulsion, and advanced systems is exponentially multiplying the number of components and the complexity of today’s automobiles. ServiceCentral understands the value of rapid change and can provide solutions to help both manufacturers, suppliers, and servicers manage the reverse logistics and post-sales care of vehicles and the rapidly growing line of SKUs that go in them.


The aviation industry is all about engineering to the tightest tolerance. When lives and big money are on the line, measuring and managing all aspects of the business is essential. ServiceCentral provides excellent service, maintenance, and RMA solutions for aviation partners looking to implement control systems that will scale and support FFA requirements. So, whether you are managing the returns and service of aircraft parts, or managing a repair facility, we can help.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment sales, maintenance, and supply-chain management present a set of unique problems. This equipment is essential to managing millions of dollars in big industry revenues each day, making their uptime essential. ServiceCentral helps heavy equipment OEMs, dealers, leasing companies, and owners maintain service records, labor, and parts utilization. In addition, we offer solutions to suppliers to help process the returns of large and often expensive components.


Insurance policies for consumer and business products are on the rise, expanding to meet growing after-sales demands, especially where products are becoming increasingly complicated and expensive. ServiceCentral supports many insurance provider needs producing a uniquely comprehensive solution set for managing claims, adjudication, and service fulfillment, all while providing the ability to manage a network of partners authorized to fulfill claims in your customers’ local area.


In the last 10 years, new trends are influencing major changes for OEMs. Digital transformation and 2.0 concepts continue to drive automation and efficiency in factories, but post-sales needs, driven by consumer demand, and technology, are just as significant. ServiceCentral is helping OEMs digitally transform their post-sales service programs. From RMA processes and returns handling, to repair and replacement programs, we have solutions to help revolutionize the service of your products.


Medical devices are critical assets that require nothing less than the best for tracking, managing, and maintaining them. When lives and lawsuits are on the line, ensuring healthy products protect not only your company, but the patients they serve. At ServiceCentral, we understand the importance of tracking specialized equipment, its service, and the strict guidelines and certification for its maintenance, repair, and/or replacement. Our solutions empower manufacturers, owners, and service providers to both protect equipment and compliance.


Retail is being disrupted and restructured constantly. The convenience of omnichannel is driving changes in consumer behavior, shaking traditional retail conventions and driving a heavy demand for local service. In response, retail service is on the rise and the need for better, quicker, and cheaper post-sales service is higher than ever. We provide solutions to help retailers drive better product support, whether authorized by a partner or directly hired by consumers in their local markets.


As products become more durable and skilled labor more vast, consumer demand for after-sales support is growing. Businesses providing product service and repair continue to be a staple for any consumer or organization seeking to maximize the life of their products. ServiceCentral can help service providers, from on-site and walk-in, to high volume returns and repair depots, focus on service excellence while managing their business, and continue to grow in this rapidly changing industry.


The world of mobility is rapidly changing. Carriers, MVNOs, insurers, and their supporting network of partners are adapting to consumer demand for more immediate and cheaper options. ServiceCentral provides solutions that help connect the chain of partners in mobility, driving visibility across the lifecycle of a customer and their devices, helping create better experiences for consumers and streamlining processes within depots as well as local service centers.

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