Qpop™ Delivers Unmatched Customer Experience

The point of purchase is the most important square-footage within the walls of any storefront and can greatly impact the overall customer experience. The final stop on a customer’s journey and, with a little luck plus a lot of great customer service, it is a place they may find themselves again and again when the necessity arises. So, when it comes to a repair business, what could possibly be more useful than a tablet-based point-of-purchase app that communicates with the ticket and workflow management software that’s already in use? Probably nothing.


This is precisely what Qpop aims to deliver. An intuitive, tablet-based application that is networked and synced with your existing RepairQ point-of-sale information and built using standardized web technology, making it compatible with most iOS and Android devices. In addition to communicating with RepairQ to make transactions as transparent as possible, Qpop provides both business owners and customers with beneficial features.

First, idle screen ads and promos allow repair shops to showcase what’s new in the store, loyalty programs, or lucrative add-ons like warranties. Next, the ticket summary allows the customer to follow along with the salesperson as they build the ticket creating transparency and opportunities for engagement. Also, Qpop delivers custom forms and waivers–necessities for businesses to gain additional customer insight but also to minimize liability. Finally, with e-signature capture, the customer signs directly on the device.


  • Idle screen advertisements and promotions
  • Ticket summary, allowing the customer to follow along as you walk them through the parts and/or services in their transaction
  • Custom forms and waivers
  • E-signature capture

In addition to these benefits, there are a host of new features in the pipeline for Qpop that will make it an even more robust solution when it comes to customer engagement at the point-of-purchase. Things like warranty sales promotion, receipt preference and even the ability for customers to enter their passcodes or patterns, providing a more secure way to communicate sensitive information. Plus, Qpop is available for all RepairQ users regardless of their subscription level.


Best of all, Qpop, like so many of RepairQ’s features and tools, is entirely customizable to your business and easily implemented. Here’s a quick how-to:


  1. Navigate to the location settings
  2. Click the “Set-up a Qpop Companion” button
  3. Give your companion a name, location and brief description for easy identification
  4. Drag and drop your desired images to the idle screen and ticket summary screen


Qpop offers a host of features for businesses to interact with their customers at the point of purchase and it delivers these features at a critical moment in your customer relationship. Including Qpop in your store’s strategy can improve customer loyalty, customer engagement and make your business stand out from your competition. Already a RepairQ customer? Get started with Qpop here >>


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Derek Aleman

Derek is a digital marketing coordinator, focused on implementing and optimizing SEO and SEM strategies in addition to assisting with marketing initiatives across all digital media. Outside of the office Derek is an avid motorsports enthusiast and enjoys backpacking as well as spending time with his Australian Shepard, Ripley.