The Most Trusted Point of Sale for Retail Repair

RepairQ® brings buy, sell, and trade together into the best repair POS software built to grow with your business.

Enhance your POS

In an environment that offers retail, repairs, services, and even trades; selling is no longer ordinary. That’s why our repair POS software is designed to be efficient, yet flexible enough to meet unique business models.

  • Quickly look up or add customers
  • Scan, search, or browse for sale items
  • Display real-time price updates to customers with Qpop™
  • Capture payments quickly and securely

Empower your trades

Buying customer-owned items to refurbish and resell is a unique business model that is often awkward or impractical in conventional point of sales. RepairQ provides powerful tools to buy or trade at the POS, capture waivers, track state/municipal requirements, and much more!

  • Manage trade-in items/cash values and trade for cash or credit at POS
  • Add new trade-in items to inventory
  • Refurbish trade-in items and track COGS
  • Report on your trade-in program health

Personalize your experience

RepairQ is built to keep your shop running smoothly, with customized experiences, processes, and tools. Many of our features are completely customizable, so you can tailor them to your exact needs.

  • Create visual item grids to speed up checkout
  • Organize top sellers, most repaired, and other favorites
  • Pre-bundle items together, like services and parts
  • Group items together using item compatibility and dependency

Sell and Trade with Qpop

With Qpop, RepairQ’s point-of-purchase tablet app, you can show advertisements, list items as you add them to a ticket, balance due, capture signatures, and much more.