G2: A new solution evolves from a tradition of reverse logistics excellence

How do you reinvent reverse logistics? Find the man who coined the term, build a team of leaders from his 123 year-old company, partner with innovative technology companies, develop a solution that adapts to each unique customer, and focus on sustainability, not liquidation. At least, that’s how G2 is doing it.

Herb Shear’s grandfather started GENCO in 1898 with a blind horse and a wagon to distribute various goods in and around Pittsburgh. In the 1980s, after Herb had been at the helm for just over a decade, the company expanded its services to manage returns and asset recovery for clients around the world. Just twenty years later, logistics giant, FedEx® purchased GENCO, in one of its largest acquisitions to date. But Shear and his team of experts saw an opportunity to fill a need in the space and revolutionize supply chain processes from top to bottom. They came back to business and launched G2.

Herb Shear and Julian Mitchell and G2 Reverse Logistics

A new perspective

Founded by Shear and other former GENCO executives including technology expert and CIO Julian Mitchell, G2RL (GENCO 2.0 Reverse Logistics) seeks to become a game changer in the reverse logistics space by solving some of the unique problems posed by the acceleration of ecommerce. “Retailers and manufacturers must balance recouping costs from returns and repairs with pleasing consumers and that’s where we come in. We’re not liquidators. Our goal is to get you the highest net recovery with a focus on sustainability,” says Mitchell. The G2RL team consults with customers on how to keep products out of landfills and provides easy and cost effective methods to do so. That approach, of being a partner rather than just a provider, is core to the company’s values and is one of the reasons they chose ServiceCentral® as a technology partner. 

A best-in-class reverse logistics solution  

While the G2 team continues work on development and feature enhancements, they’re already seeing massive interest. Driven by their reputation for excellence in reverse logistics and powered by ServiceManager, G2 is quickly gaining followers on social channels, driving substantial interest, and winning new opportunities. “We are excited to be partnering with the G2RL team as they reinvent reverse logistics and create a new best-in-class standard in an ecommerce-driven economy,” said Chris Bleess, Vice President of Sales and Partnerships for ServiceCentral.

“We needed a solid software solution that was tried and tested in the industry and one that could keep up with the technology evolution,” Mitchell said. “ServiceCentral’s ability to configure and customize their product to our needs allowed us to focus our efforts elsewhere and go to market faster.”

ServiceCentral’s ServiceManager™ reverse logistics software differs from competitors primarily in its ability to configure multiple unique workflows. With ServiceManager, G2RL can offer its customers a fluid environment to track and dynamically manage RMA decisions, based on logic and real-time data. 

G2 Reverse Logistics logo

If you are interested in learning more about the world-class reverse logistics solutions G2 can offer to your business, please visit g2rl.com, email us at info@g2rl.com, or call +1 (412) 677-4127. 

To learn more about how ServiceCentral can help you transform your reverse logistics operations, contact us today at sales@servicecentral.com or call +1 (404) 870-7070.