Learning Patience in an On-Demand Society

We’re so excited that our very own Vice President of Sales and Partnerships Chris Bleess had the opportunity to chat with Scott Luton from the Supply Chain Now podcast! 

When thinking about the current state of reverse logistics, patience isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. Unless, that is, you’re ServiceCentral’s Vice President of Sales and Partnerships, Chris Bleess. In which case it IS the first thing that comes to mind. Chris had the opportunity, at the Reverse Logistics Association Conference in Las Vegas, to chat about the current and future state of the industry with Scott Luton on the Supply Chain Now podcast. In between gushing over the Minnesota Vikings and sharing the best bass fishing spots around Dallas, Chris reflects on how he’s learned patience despite how easy it’s become to “get it now.” Plus, he peeks into his crystal ball to try to predict the future of the industry.