RepairQ’s GSPN Integration


ServiceCentral® brings Samsung’s GSPN to independent repair partners with RepairQ®.

As a continued commitment to connecting consumers, products, and services around the world, ServiceCentral announced today a new integration between Samsung’s Global Service Partner Network and their Independent Repair Partners using RepairQ. This unique service enables repair shop technicians to bring Samsung out-of-warranty repair requirements, like validating serials/IMEIs, using OEM parts, and reporting repair outcomes, into the RepairQ repair ticket workflow.

How it works

How the RepairQ GSPN Integration works

Integration Capabilities

  • One-time authentication with Samsung GSPN and RepairQ

  • Unique ticket workflow for Samsung OOW repairs

  • Validate product serial number or IMEI

  • Limit adding of skus to OEM parts

  • Return Samsung device details, parts used, and resolution to GSPN

Integration Benefits

  • Eliminates swivel seat data entry in GSPN
  • Saves time on each Samsung transaction
  • Guides technicians through Samsung repair workflow
  • Reduce reporting errors and increase efficiency

The RepairQ GSPN integration is available to license for Samsung ISPs using RepairQ Professional plans. Contact or call 1-877-230-6317 for more details.