Welcome to RepairQ Version!

Version is a minor feature release that introduces a new settings page where you can define which Customer Fields are required fields, and there is a new Customer Segment field (for customer records) accompanied by new Sales by Customer Segment reports.


Release Highlights

Customer Required Field Settings

We added a new settings section called “Validation Rules,” and in this section there is a new settings page where you can select which Customer fields you want to enforce as required fields. You will see that “Customer Referral” is enforced by default, but you can remove it as a required field, or add additional fields as required. When a field is marked as required, anyone saving a customer or a ticket will be required to enter information for the required field(s) to proceed. Note that there is a minimum information requirement for customer information that remains unchanged: RepairQ requires a first name, last name, and primary phone number to save the customer.

Customer Segment

A new customer field was added called “Customer Segment.” Along with the new field there are two new Sales by Customer Segment reports, and there is a new settings page where you can define all of the Customer Segments available for selection (similar to the Customer Referral Source options).