Feature Friday – Introducing RepairQ Webhooks + Zapier Apps

Using RepairQ’s powerful webhooks plus Zapier, you can create and schedule data to be automatically shared with integrated applications through Zapier. With this new functionality, you can build upon your data, creating unique automations and rules to help orchestrate events with other apps in their marketplace. Keep in mind, this does require both a paid Zapier plan and a subscription to RepairQ Professional plan, as well as a good understanding of APIs and technical knowledge to perform these integrations. Since this is not yet a fully integrated feature, the RepairQ support team cannot prioritize questions and tickets related to issues with this functionality.

What does this functionality accomplish?

To put it simply, RepairQ connects to a multitude of apps on Zapier’s marketplace and can help fine tune, or customize, the way your shop’s workflows perform. For example, if you are wanting to take your customer lists straight from RepairQ, segment them, and send them automated promotional emails based on the amount of money they had spent in your shop, you could sync RepairQ up with Mailchimp, or another messaging system. The possibilities are endless, but require a bit of creativity and elbow grease to get working properly.

How do I get started using this?

Until we fully integrate with Zapier, this process is going to be extremely manual when setting up an API or webhook. Our development and product teams are both working diligently to lock down this integration, to make sure it works seamlessly. At the bare minimum you will need the following things:

There are tons of resources available online on best practices for Zapier and what it’s app connectivity can do for your workflows. Here are a few we liked:

If you want to read more on how to get it up and running, check out this Zendesk article written by our support team that walks you through a sample process of setting up and automating customer lists in Mailchimp for email campaigns. Or you can check out our dedicated marketing page to see some of the other ideas and status of the ongoing integration.

Happy Zapping!

Jared Warren

Jared Warren

Jared Warren is the Digital Marketing Manager for ServiceCentral Technologies. He is the lead copywriter for all digital content related to both ServiceManager and RepairQ, and enjoys spending his time outside the office dedicated to his passions of competitive gaming, reading, and his wife Rachel.