Live updates after 1.7.1

Week starting 07.06.2015

  • 4408 – Customer view screen would be inaccessible after updating the associated Billing Agent. The error displayed was: Property “” is not defined. This issue has been resolved.
  • 4412 – Inventory Restock Form – fixed issue where serialized inventory items would not be created
  • 4416 – System Log – Fixed a view error where invoice items were logged
  • 4419 – Credit Card Swipe field hidden when refunding non Credit Card transaction
  • 4420 – Invoice Notifications – fixed issue where “Invoice Single Email” could sometimes send to the ticket customer instead of the invoice billing contact. Fixed {billing_contact} send to variable.
  • 4421 – Enterprise Invoicing Payment Remittance – fixed issue where applying a remittance would not properly distribute payments towards tickets with tax
  • 4418 – Invoice Remittance – Fixed an issue where writing off partially paid invoice items would not apply the correct discount amount to the ticket

Week starting 07.13.2015

  • 4431 – Integrated Credit Card Payments – restored the ability to post a CREDIT transaction type for processing
  • 4413 – Fixed an issue where returns for a serialized item would sometimes create a new inventory item for the return, and also update the sold inventory item’s status leaving you with duplicate inventory items
  • 4437 – Fixed an issue where the send_on date would be set improperly, resulting in notifications that would never be sent (stuck in the “new” status)

Week starting 07.20.2015

  • 4427 – Fixed issue where some of the inventory item automated notification variables were not returning values
  • 4441 – Fixed a few issues where Automated Notification PDFs couldn’t be generated
  • 4354 – Mobile Defenders Purchase Order integration – improved stock check to use a more reliable “available stock qty”
  • 4443 – Added “No Resolution Set” option to ticket resolution filters so that you can filter for tickets where resolution is not set (null)
  • 4447 – Fixed an issue where location overrides would be deleted when a user did not have permissions at those locations. In addition, location override updates were added to the System Log and Catalog Item log
  • 4444 – Enterprise Invoicing – Fixed a display bug on the remittance screen where the ticket discount was pulling the wrong value, causing the balance due to display the wrong value
  • 4442 – Prevent adding out of stock items to a return ticket, because you will not have an open ticket to track the fulfillment of backordered items
  • 4422 – Invoice refund button – prevent clicking the same payment refund button more than once before the refund finishes processing

Week starting 07.27.2015

  • 4423 – Add new purchase order permissions for ordering items, receiving items, and reconciling orders
  • 4410 – Add Invoice Status Triggers to notification system – now you can trigger notifications based on invoice status changes
  • 4450 – Fixed an issue where attachment PDFs were not correctly named with .pdf extension
  • 4451 – Fixed issue where some ticket notification short-codes/template-tags were not working for ticket status change notifications
  • 4428 – Add invoice custom order id to available notification short-codes/template-tags
  • 4460 – Enterprise Invoice Print – Fixed an issue where discounts were not displayed properly

Week starting 08.03.2015

  • 4467 – Inventory Manager Permissions – restore default permissions to print labels and assign counts
  • 4342 – Fixed an issue where adding bundled parts with a quantity greater than 1 did not throw an alert if you exceeded the available in-stock quantity

Week starting 08.11.2015

  • 4468 – Fixed issue on ticket label where today’s date displayed in place of the promised by date if the promised by date was blank (not set)
  • 4464 – Customer view – we added list of linked tickets for each device in the device list. In addition, we added the “Item/Device” info column to the ticket list on the customer view
  • 4278 – Catalog Import – throw an error when an item is set as labor and inventoried at the same time

  • 4475 – Fixed an issue where logos would not be displayed on emailed PDFs

  • 4415 – Fixed issue where specific attendance filters would multiply the time reported

  • 4383 – Added “Items/Devices” column to customer view list of tickets

Week starting 08.17.2015

  • 4476 – Relabel “Inventory Catalog” to “Inventory Summary by Catalog Item”
  • 4472 – Fixed an issue where when poor internet connectivity is present, it could cause the ticket discount recalculation (which updates tax due) to lag long enough that it fails to update the ticket items before the ticket is saved, resulting in an invalid taxable or non-taxable amount reported for the ticket item(s)
  • 4458 – Remove “No Resolution” as an option for the Ticket Resolution pick list on tickets, but retain it for report filters
  • 4483 – Add ticket status and ticket status date to the following reports: Revenue, Cost of Goods, Cost of Services, Cost of Refurbs, Cash Flow Detail, Sales Tax Detail

Week starting 08.24.2015

  • 4487 – Apply currency formatting to all fields on the Cash Reconciliation / Close VCT Screen
  • 4471 – Fixed attendance page “reset filters” button where not all filters would be properly reset
  • 4465 – Updated “Received/Reconciled Cost” calculation on Purchase Order view so that it always accurately reflects the value at the time of the Purchase Order.
  • 4465 – Added new optional enterprise feature that allows for a cost markup on Internal Purchase Orders (Inventory Transfers)
  • 4486 – Added “Remittance Info” to location settings, and made it available for display on the ticket invoice print template
  • 4491 – Fixed an issue where the incorrect item cost would sometimes be pulled for the initial tax calculation on bundled parts
  • 4494 – Optimized ticket item and price check searches so that they return results considerably faster now

Week Starting 08.31.15

  • 4308 – Cost of Goods Report – update shipping costs to use the ticket date filter

Week Starting 09.21.15

  • 4502 – Fixed an issue where you sometimes couldn’t bundle the same part more than once in a single edit on a single ticket
  • 4499 – Return Ticket – allow save without returned items for alternative refund practices
  • 4503 – Return Ticket – fixed an issue with returning a serialized item on a ticket where a return was already processed for a different serialized item
  • 4513 – Fixed an issue related to receiving items on a purchase order. When you have the same catalog item with inventory items in the “ordered” status linked to more than one purchase order at the same time, received items would not always fulfill the correct “ordered” inventory items.

Week Starting 09.28.15

  • 4497 – Ticket Invoice Print – when billing agent is attached, show both the billing agent info and the customer info, instead of just the billing agent info.
  • 4523 – Constrain the size of user profile pic in the navbar
  • 4481 – On a ticket save, when processing more than one credit card transaction through bluefin and one payment is successful and the other is declined, we added a safeguard so that when the ticket is saved again it does not reprocess any already successful payments

Week Starting 10.05.15

  • 4528 – Fixed issue where payment alerts could get cleared prematurely
  • 4527 – Fixed issue with removing a pending store credit transaction, where removing the transaction would not re-adjust the customer’s store credit balance appropriately

Week Starting 10.12.15

  • 4538 – Updated the “net collected” figure displayed at the top of cash reconciliation reports so that it is simply a net cash flow figure; now it is no longer reduced by discounts and taxes.

Week Starting 10.19.15

  • 4540 – Fixed permissions for internal transfer “ship” action
  • 4477 – Voiding a tradein ticket now handles the tradein inventory item properly. Instead of moving the item to “instock” status it moves the inventory item to the “void” status