Sale Advanced Co Ltd. Implements Service Management Solution from ServiceCentral

Sale Advanced Co. Ltd, a leading wireless service distributor in Saudi Arabia and surrounding countries, is implementing ServiceCentral’s software to manage its after-sales product support and service. 

May 15, 2013 — ServiceCentral, leading provider of service management software solutions, is proud to announce that Sale Advanced Co. Ltd., a premier telecom distribution company, is now using ServiceCentral software to manage their after-sales product support and service. Sale Advanced Co. Ltd., based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is implementing this solution as a means to better support their existing and future customers as they experience tremendous growth. The solution will be used to manage in-store customer service and depot repair of devices, from warranty validation and basic triage to complete repair and replacement.

This implementation includes integration to Apple’s Global Exchange Service (GSX) program to verify warranty information at the point of drop-off from the customer. Sale Advanced Co. Ltd. employees are able to interact real-time with the front-end of GSX for immediate customer service and warranty information. This will allow for superior support and a positive experience for Sale Advanced Co. Ltd.’s consumers.

Not only does this solution offer complete service management for Sale Advanced Co. Ltd., but it was also implemented in less than 90 days from starting the project. Hicham Aouda, Supply Chain General Manager for Sale Advanced Co. Ltd., commented, “We give ServiceCentral our special thanks for handling this project with so much passion and care. We have enjoyed doing business with them and are looking forward to future projects as well.”

About Sale Advanced Co. Ltd.
Sale Advance Co. Ltd. incorporated in February 2008 as a closed Joint Stock Company, to lead distribution services for Saudi Telecom Company (STC). From inception, the company was dedicated to maintaining sustainable competitive advantage for STC by leveraging its positioning and capabilities to drive growth. Within one year of operation, they have firmly established themselves as a leading force, serving over 15 million satisfied subscribers and generating a healthy turnover reflecting +12% growth vs. 2007. As of Jan. 1st – 2012, STC purchased 60% of Sale Advanced Co. Ltd.