ServiceCentral Return & Repair™ version 6 now available to Market

ServiceCentral’s Return & Repair Suite™ undergoes one of the largest functional expansions in the company’s history. 

February 1, 2007 — ServiceCentral Technologies, a leading supplier of software solutions for service chain management, today announced the immediate availability of ServiceCentral Return & Repair™ version 6. This latest release of ServiceCentral’s popular solution introduces a new, improved user interface and extends the repair process with integrated web based functions for triage, quality assurance and customized programs for any type of device. A new feature called Program Management allows businesses to create custom work flows unique to their needs. This feature provides ServiceCentral customers with a tremendous amount of flexibility to manage multiple repair programs within their organization.

The introduction of Program Management will allow ServiceCentral customers to configure and operate the software with multiple concurrent workflows. The Return and Repair Suite has been enhanced to support all service and repair industries beyond ServiceCentral’s customer base of industry leading telecommunication companies. With Program Management coupled with unlimited custom field definitions for work order, equipment and repair information, virtually any product can be defined and tracked by ServiceCentral.

“For 15 years ServiceCentral has been addressing the needs of product service organizations by delivering solutions that improve customer service and provide critical intelligence to manage the service chain” said Dan O’Hara, President, ServiceCentral. “The consumer electronics market is growing and the need for innovative support is becoming an increasing priority. Each of these devices will require ongoing product support and maintenance. We have made enhancements to our Return and Repair Suite that will address this growing need by helping organizations create efficiencies in their unique support processes.”

Return & Repair v6.0 enhancements include:

  • Program Management: This new feature allows customization of multiple work flows, providing the ability to manage different repair process such as direct customer repairs, remanufacturing projects, refurbishments and special projects. Administrators also have the ability to create and associate custom fields to each program, capturing an unlimited amount of data for each repair process.
  • Role Based Job Categories and Data Management: Administrators can manage unique user roles through enhanced security support. Access to key functional areas of the application can be controlled based on user roles, and limitation to view certain data can be controlled by user groups.
  • Triage and Quality Assurance: Custom Triage and Quality Assurance screens can be defined for each Program, providing flexibility in how repairs are tested and approved.
  • Simplified Status Updates: New custom action buttons expedite the routing of repairs through the repair process, automatically updating status codes and triggering custom actions.
  • Business Intelligence: In addition to operational dashboard reports with specific work order drill-down capability, a new robust Ad-Hoc reporting engine and presentation tool enables business users to quickly and easily turn raw data into new reports in minutes. Authorized users will have the ability to create and modify reports in real time, enabling users to run reports and leverage advanced analytical functionally.