Business Intelligence Reporting

Business Intelligence brings your data to life, visualizing your company performance in real time. RepairQ® connects dashboards filled with key performance indicators common to retail repair. Analysts will have access to custom report building, sharing, and automation, giving you all the tools you need to make better business decisions.


Business Intelligence Dashboards


Your own personalized, robust, reports


Your reports throughout your organization


Deliver your data anytime, anywhere

Viewer: Business Intelligence Dashboards

Business Intelligence dashboards are the easiest way to get a concise, real-time overview of your business’s health. With real-time sales and service performance, customer analysis, inventory movement, risk assessment and more; RepairQ’s dashboards viewers* gain quick insight on the key areas of your business.

  • Visualize key performance in real time
  • Gain insight into each area of your business
  • Export data for viewing and sharing

Builder: Your Personalized, Robust Reports

Take control of your business reporting with a BI report builder*. Builders can build and save their own reports to create the KPIs that matter most to their business. Once you have identified the data that matters most to you, leverage the visualization library to help illustrate the key performance indicators in the way that makes the most sense to you and your organization.

  • Dive deep into and explore your data
  • Create your own unique reports
  • Save your personalized reports for later review

Broadcaster: Your Reports Throughout Your Organization

Take full control of reporting for your organization by broadcasting your customized company reports and dashboards to your organization. Too busy managing your team? Hire a RepairQ data analyst to craft the perfect reports for your business

  • Broadcast your custom dashboards to your entire team
  • Hire the RepairQ team to help you craft your ideal team boards

Automator: Schedule and Deliver Report Data

Create custom report schedules and deliver reports and report data outside of RepairQ. Deliver almost any data on any schedule via email, SFTP or even WebHooks.

  • Schedule any report to be delivered automatically
  • Schedule delivery for multiple people, formats, and delivery methods
  • Automatically send data to 3rd party systems with CSVs or Webhooks