PAX S300 Overview

Integrated payment portal for RepairQ with state-of-the-art security and features.

From capturing electronic signatures to offering the latest in security for chip and PIN, the PAX S300 equips your stores with essential retail features, all secured through P2PE validated by PCI™.

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Accepts EMV chip transactions on day one

Capable of accepting NFC payments — To be announced soon*

Capture electronic signatures & store electronic receipts

Networked for multiple computer connections

Supports P2PE encryption & tokenization validated by PCI™

Removes fraud liability on card-present EMV transactions

Compatible with Qpop™ point-of-purchase app


Accepts these forms of payment


Mobile Pay Compatible

  • Other models available upon request
  • Technical specification and device support

Improve your security and enhance the payment experience.

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Yes. You will be able to capture an electronic signature with a payment and display it on receipts.

The use of an EMV terminal only removes liability for card-present EMV transactions disputed for fraud-related reasons.

Yes! This device will accept mobile pay options from most mobile pay apps including Samsung, Apple and Google.

This device communicates over a local area network allowing it to be share by any RepairQ terminal in your local network. This device requires connectivity through an ethernet cable. For more information about setup and configuration of this device, please see our Knowledge Base article.


RepairQ’s Customer Facing Point-of-purchase Companion App

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