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Franchise-level support without the franchise fees!

Repairs First Association is the electronic repair industry’s first co-op designed to bring a real voice and cooperative buying power to electronic repair shops throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

Our vision has been to save our Repair Shop Members money.

Repairs First was founded by a combination of repair shop owners and former founder and c- level executives of one of the first cell phone repair franchises in the US. Our association has been founded to help electronic repair shops to be able to obtain buying power and access to discounts on parts, tools, business services, operational support, certifications, networking, payroll and health care services.

Receive membership discounts on parts, phones, accessories, services, health care and more!

Save hundreds of dollars on parts every month alone. By joining Repairs First Association you get economies of scale even if you only have one location.


Need operational assistance?

Get direct assistance from some of the most experienced professionals in the repair industry.

We want all consumers to think in terms of electronic repairs first, recycle and replace second.

Our mission is to get the entire electronics repair industry working together as members under the Repairs First Association banner to gain power in numbers. Help our mission by joining and let us help you in return with buying power, operations support, technical and sales training, parts discounts, and other products and services.