Qsite™ Repair Shop Website Tools 

Qsite is a powerful kit of easily customized, website tools for repair shops built to engage visitors, leads, and customers on your marketing website. Qsite Opportunities attracts visitors, delivers quotes, captures leads and schedules appointments online. Qsite Status shares real-time status of tickets in progress.

Consumer Friendly

Qsite apps are designed to give your visitors, leads, and customers a truly professional and simple experience throughout your website.


By adding your personal repair business’s branding, you can quickly and easily personalize Qsite experiences to match your website.


Add Qsite to any page on your marketing website in minutes using our simple embed code. Or build your own tools using our APIs.

Qsite Opportunities

Qsite Opportunities is the ultimate lead generation tool for your repair shop website! Use Qsite Opportunities to engage visitors, convert leads, and track them in RepairQ®. It includes the ability to share your store locations, browse an ecommerce-like catalog of your services, receive an instant quote, and schedule an online appointment.

Location Finder

Present your repair store locations for a lead to search, browse, and select, directing all Quotes, Contact Forms, and Appointments to their preferred location.

Get a Quote

Leads can browse a visual ecommerce-like library of your top services or items for sale and receive a real-time price quote or submit a request to be contacted for a personal quote.

Contact Form

Leads requesting information, like a quote, can be presented with a contact form. After the lead completes the form, all information is saved as a contact record in RepairQ’s CRM.

Appointment Scheduling

Leads can browse open days and times for each of your repair shops, select an available time, and confirm their appointment details. New appointments are passed to RepairQ to be managed in-store.

Qsite Status

Qsite Status is a simple website tool that provides real-time feedback to your customers about their open repairs. Your customers can check on the status, the balance due, and comments from your shop using a simple ticket lookup, or by using a link attached to emails, texts, or receipts.

Share Through Dynamic Links

Insert your dynamic Qsite short code in automated messaging to your customers via email and SMS to check the status of a ticket.

Display Ticket Status Updates

Provide direct updates to your customers on the status of their ticket. Each device has its own unique code or identifier.

Share Technician Feedback

Communicate specific details related to your customer’s repair or any additional information you may want to provide.