Benefits of Integrating Payments

Streamline checkout, go paperless and reduce accounting errors with integrated credit card processing.

Collecting Payments through RepairQ®

Sure, you can process credit cards on a separate 3rd party terminal, but why would you want to? RepairQ offers one of the quickest, most reliable and secure web-based POS processing integrations, eliminating manual entry on multiple systems.

One simple in-app swipe

End of day reconciling in one central app

Average transaction time

Collecting Payments through a 3rd Party Terminal

Go to 3rd party terminal

Manually enter total

Swipe card and wait for transaction

Manually enter transaction into RepairQ

Manually check each receipt against the app to balance the day

Sort piles of receipts

Check for manually entered mistakes across multiple devices

Average transaction time

Industry Leading Security

RepairQ Integrated Payments leverage PCI™ top security standards taking our software out of PCI scope and virtually reducing yours to an annual survey.

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)

PCI-validated P2PE solutions encrypt cardholder data within RepairQ so it is not available as clear-text data.

Transparent Redirect

Transparent Redirect allows RepairQ to process credit/debit card and ACH authorizations via the Internet without cardholder data passing through their system.


Tokenization enables RepairQ to perform refunds, returns, and recurring billing without the customer card number.

Improved Customer Experience

Integrating payments significantly improves customer experience at checkout, through a qualified credit card terminal or RepairQ’s Qpop™ tablet app, customers can see payment details and sign electronically for payment!