RepairQ and TracPoint Present: So, You’re Lacking Online Reviews?

So, You’re Lacking Online Reviews?

That’s a problem. Giving customers the confidence they need in order to give you their business is crucial to growing your business in the post 5-star world. Current reviews are even more powerful. Customers want to know what they can expect today — not three, six or nine months ago.

While you may be understandably caught up in the details of running your business right now, like making sure you stay in business and keep your employees, getting consistent and positive reviews will go a long way to keeping you in business. Not to mention fueling growth.


The Importance of Reviews and Their Impact

  1. Create a strong brand reputation.
  2. Affects your local SEO—the more reviews and engagement you have with your customers, the more likely you are to show up at the top of the local search. Consumers now flock to social media review sites, with more than 90% of consumers saying they will check reviews before any purchasing decision.
  3. Gives you a good reputation which helps with your local staffing and recruiting to validate that your business is a great place to work!
  4. And let’s not forget…an increase in sales! The bottom line is that people shop and spend more with trusted retailers.


The Power of Platform

While there are various sites or apps that customers can use to leave reviews, the top three are Google, Yelp, and Facebook—in that order. Google surpasses all sites by an astronomical margin, with 93% of customer’s reviews being posted there. Yelp and Facebook have a mere 4% and 3% of these reviews respectively. So if there is one takeaway it’s that driving your customers to leave reviews on your Google page will have a significantly higher return.

A Sophisticated Solution 

Provide a way to get feedback that encourages positive reviews. TracPoint’s Revv app allows you to ask for feedback immediately after a transaction takes place. Customers who have a negative experience, if any, are invited to contact you privately so their concerns can be handled right away. They’re less likely to post a negative review if they’re asked to take the conversation offline and provided with great customer service.

With Revv, customers who have a positive experience are asked to submit a review on their review platform of choice based on where businesses direct them. It gives businesses so much more control over the review process! Rather than rely on customers to go and post positive reviews “just because,” Revv actually asks for those reviews and guides customers to the appropriate platform.

RepairQ’s Revv integration creates a seamless way for customers who enjoyed their experience to leave feedback and bolster your online reputation while ensuring that negative feedback is shared in a more actionable forum. But don’t take our word for it, check out this case study with RepairQ customer FruitFixed on how they were able to generate 6x’s more positive reviews per month. If you’re ready to get started with RepairQ or want to find out more about how it goes beyond just being a point of sale, visit our pricing page.