Return Purchasing Power to the Customers with Street Cred

For most people, cell phones and mobile devices have become more than just a way to keep in touch. Your phone is capable of eliminating the need to carry credit cards, insurance cards, emergency medical information and, in some places, even a driver’s license. Beyond just the necessities, our phones and mobile devices house things that can’t be replaced if they are lost. Photos, videos, conversations, and memories are encased within our devices and, oftentimes, nowhere else. All this is to say that our phones are important to all of us and being without them can be more than just an inconvenience. So what happens when the device containing half of your life breaks and repairs or replacement are outside of your price range? RepairQ’s partner Street Cred seeks to provide a solution to that problem.


Street Cred is the brainchild of a “team of mobile carrier guys,” as they put it, who grew tired of dealing with predatory lenders. By aggregating multiple lenders and having them compete against each other to provide the best offer, Street Cred has given the leverage back to the customer. Their mission is simple. “…to provide merchants and their customers access to fast and fair lending across the entire credit spectrum.” But, like their mission statement implies, the customer isn’t the only one that benefits from Street Cred. By giving customers better options that enhance their purchasing power, repair shops can become trusted merchants that foster repeat business. Driving increased sales, happier customers and longer customer lifetime value. That returning business, combined with sales that could have been lost without the Street Cred financing offer, can mean a big boost to your bottom line.


But beyond just an increased bottom line, Street Cred offers something a little extra that has immeasurable value. Street Creed allows repair shops to make good on their promise to their customers. By offering consumer-friendly and non-predatory lending options, repair shops can give customers a reliable, affordable, safe haven to ensure they stay connected. Street Cred takes this commitment to provide fast, fair financing solutions one step further by enabling your customers to apply their lending solutions to repair fees only – without the need to pressure your customers with equipment and accessory upsells to lock in their financing.


If you’re interested in partnering with Street Cred to give your customers the tools they need to take back their buying power, we’d love to hear from you. Follow the link to complete the inquiry form and Street Cred will be in touch.


If you’re ready to learn more about RepairQ and all the integrations and partnerships that come with it, schedule a demo on our website.

Derek Aleman

Derek is a digital marketing coordinator, focused on implementing and optimizing SEO and SEM strategies in addition to assisting with marketing initiatives across all digital media. Outside of the office Derek is an avid motorsports enthusiast and enjoys backpacking as well as spending time with his Australian Shepard, Ripley.