The Importance of Customer Convenience in 2022: Appointments & Personalization

In a recently published Forbes article, contributor Brian Solis highlights the many demands for digital advances and convenience in customer-facing portals and interactions. These demands, he claims, are the “result of the pandemic and its acceleration of digital adoption” and that “more and more customers are starting to expect innovative and personalized services that value their time.”

How can repair shops adhere to such demands? At RepairQ, we provide digital solutions via dynamic repair shop software. We’ve highlighted two significant steps that can help boost your repair service customer relations for 2022.

Make Appointment Scheduling Easy on the Front and Back-End of the Transaction

Customers shouldn’t have to bend over backward to have basic needs met. Creating a convenient appointment system is a priority for repair shop owners to not only provide excellent customer service but also maintain expectations and a stable workload. As you know, there’s more to the repair service job than the customer-facing portion.

Let’s take the appointment factor a step further.

Imagine you’re a customer who has just received an alert that their product repair is complete. How would your ideal notification or email look? Odds are it would include the shop hours, a phone number, and a transaction number. Add to it a link to an online appointment portal and you have a convenient all-in-one system that saves your customer time and a headache. A few thumb clicks and they can move on with their day.

Initiate Personalized Services With Easy, Intuitive Customer Portals

According to the same Forbes article earlier mentioned, “Most consumers, 78%, say they’re more likely to make a purchase when receiving personalized service.” It even goes so far as to speculate that this number will increase as younger generations—whose lives know nothing but e-commerce convenience and the help of artificial intelligence—continue to mold the shape of consumer society.

To achieve this, shop owners can utilize software portals that are intuitive to the needs of the customer and provide easy-to-navigate interfaces. It used to be that features like these were only achievable to the corporation, but those days are quickly disappearing as affordable software for the small business owner rolls out regularly.

In other words, the current generation of customers prefers a screen to an aisle. That’s not to say you should abandon the pursuit of a good in-person experience. But you should meet customers where they’re at and give them menus and interfaces they can work with. That starts with revisiting your business software and utilizing options that integrate internal efficiency with external relations. 

Other Features That Can Support Appointment & Personalization

Consider seeking the following features as they complement and support your move toward a more appointment-centered approach:

  • Communication automation
  • Customer and partner survey utilization
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Personalized messages that go beyond generic form emails or mundane marketing tactics

Read on to see how RepairQ can help you achieve an optimal customer relations approach.

RepairQ – Helping You Grow and Sustain Your Repair Business

Whether you’re the owner of an electronics repair shop or you’re in the need of a niche reverse logistics management solution, RepairQ and its partners have a network of resources and solutions ready for utilization.

Our software brings small to mid-sized repair shops a wide range of features for a reasonable price. These features include point of purchase portals, inventory management assistance, enhanced invoicing systems, and customer relationship management tools.

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