1.3 Release – Purchase Orders!

RepairQ 1.3 release is now live!

Now you can create purchase orders and create inventory items in batches. Keep tabs on your ordered items, and create inventory items from your PO with a click of a button! You can add items to a purchase order in three ways:

  1. From your Reorder Required list (all items that have fallen below your reorder points for each location)
  2. Copy items from another purchase order
  3. Search to add

When you tell RepairQ that you have ordered the items, the system will keep track of how many items are ordered so everyone knows if you have new inventory on the way.

Receiving items is easy as well, and you can keep track of how many items you received vs. how many were ordered. You can receive items on a purchase order in as many batches as you need to. New inventory is created for you each time you click the “receive items” button based on what quantities you enter.

For more details, see How to Create a Purchase Order.

Next Up:

We will resume weekly minor releases to address bugs and make incremental improvements. Next improvements planned:

  • Ticket print design
  • Ticket notes management

If you feel that you have not received these features on your instance, please let us know. We are careful not to release anything that will cause problems with your RepairQ installation, but if you feel that we have messed something up then please submit a support ticket and we will resolve the issue ASAP.

View and vote on new ideas for future releases on our RepairQ Forum.