1.4 Release

Release 1.4 is now live!

  • Signal is now RepairQ!
  • We bumped up the security for everybody in this release. RepairQ runs securely in HTTPS
  • Improved the ranking algorithm for catalog item searches
  • Added default print stylesheet to add basic support for printing reports directly (or other pages)
  • Added the ability to bundle/attach a part/service at any time, and attach multiple items to a single parent ticket item (look for the new attach item button)
  • Other minor updates and fixes. For more info, see notes below:

1.4 release notes:

  • Feature #2632: Ticket item – attach a part button
  • Feature #2710: Sales Report by Device
  • Feature #2711: Add supplier name to ticket item
  • Feature #2712: Add qty sold to daily report
  • Feature #2716: Attach part/labor – default qty
  • Feature #2724: Default print stylesheet
  • Bug #2319: Void Ticket – auto remove transactions
  • Bug #2646: Ticket item quick add price
  • Bug #2723: Catalog item searches – ranking improvements