Minor Release

RepairQ minor release is now live! Here are some of the highlights:

  • Inventory Instock Filter – The inventory screen now has a “show only instock” filter so you can browse your instock inventory without all the extra items.
  • Hide Cost on VCT – It is now possible to hide your cost on the price check screen and to hide the ticket profitability analytics when you are on the VCT machine. To enable this feature, please send a request to support@repairq.io.
  • Inventory Adjustment – Zero Dollar Items – It is now possible to add items to inventory at $0.00 through the inventory adjustment tool.
  • Bin # Visibility – The bin # is now shown on the price check screen as well as the Purchase Order view/edit/print screens.
  • UPC Visiblity – The UPC is now shown on purchase order view/edit/print screens as well as export.
  • Ticket Pending Items – The ticket view screen now shows the specific status (i.e. Ordered, Backordered, etc) of the item rather than a generic “pending” status.

Up Next:

  • Twilio Integration
  • QR Code Support
  • Performance Enhancements

We are careful not to release anything that will cause problems with your RepairQ installation, but if you feel that we have messed something up then please submit a support ticket and we will resolve the issue ASAP.