Minor Release

RepairQ minor release is now live! This minor release is focused entirely on the inventory screen. In the 1.6.1 release we inadvertently removed some capabilities that many of you relied on. This release is our effort to make things right again, and give you a few upgrades that we hope you appreciate. For those of you waiting for this update, we apologize for the delay. There were many performance considerations to take into account and test against, and it increased the scope of work considerably.

  • Inventory Searches – The inventory screen has several new filters and show/hide options that are explained in detail in the new Inventory Filters knowledge-base article. There is a new “Barcode Scan” field that takes only exact matches for Serial Numbers, SKUs, and UPCs. This search field will give you much faster results for searches, and it is the field you should use with a barcode scanner, or when keying in a serial number. IMPORTANT: The keyword search field – the one that searches for partial matches – does not search for serial numbers any longer for performance reasons. Use the new “Barcode Scan” field for serial number searches.
  • Inventory Focus – We added a few new “Inventory Focus” filters that will reduce results based on a set of conditions, namely: Instock only, low stock only (previously “reorder required”), backordered only, ordered only, inactive only. How these inventory focus filters work is explained in detail in the Inventory Filters knowledge-base article.
  • Inventory Counts – By default, the inventory screen will look the same as before (“instock”, “pulled”, “backordered”, and “ordered” counts are displayed), but now you have the option to toggle on/off any status counts you wish to see. For example, if you just want to only see counts for “Pending RMA” and “Damaged”, then you could toggle those statuses on and leave the rest unchecked. The inventory export will also export all of the counts displayed.
  • Inventory Optimization – The inventory screen should now have massively improved load times. In our tests we show inventory searches loading on average 200-500% faster!

Up Next:

  • Twilio Integration
  • QR Code Support
  • B2B Enhancements – batch invoice and remittance
  • Performance Enhancements

We are careful not to release anything that will cause problems with your RepairQ installation, but if you feel that we have messed something up then please submit a support ticket and we will resolve the issue ASAP.