1.7.3 Release

Welcome to RepairQ 1.7.3! This release features Return Repairs, helping you more accurately process and track repairs returned for reworks. Inventory Count Improvements will speed up the process of assigning counts to staff and reconciling counts when they’re done. In addition, we’ve made improvements to customer searches.

Return Repairs

With this new feature, your store will be able to create, organize and track return repairs (reworks) covered by your service warranty (previous repairs). Start a return repair from an existing ticket. The return repair ticket will be linked to the original repair ticket, so you will have a detailed record of the customer’s repair history. Items replaced on a return repair ticket will automatically be marked as $0, but you can override this behavior on a case by case basis, or you can sell new merchandise or services during a rework. This feature ships with reports that will reveal how much reworks are costing your store, and which technicians performed the original repairs leading to the reworks.

Return Repairs will help you understand your losses due to reworks, and what is causing your reworks so that you can make the necessary changes to reduce their occurrence and improve your profitability.

Visit the knowledge base for more information and user discussions on Return Repairs!

Inventory Count Efficiency

Counting inventory just got easier. You will now be able to assign a user multiple pages of items to count with the added “Assign All” action. In addition, you will be able to reconcile all counts resulting in a zero variance with one click. For your convenience, we also added a “cancel all” action which will delete all uncounted assignments.

Customer Search Improvements

Version 1.7.3 makes improvements to the customer search capability. You now have the ability to search for customers by Customer Segment, and by Customer Referral. Using these search tools, you keep track of customer acquisition for each group of customers, and more easily segment customers into separate lists.

Bug Fixes & Release Notes

  • Inventory valuation reports now use inventory item status updated date, instead of the simple updated on date.
  • Added RMA Credit to the list of statuses excluded from average cost changes. Restoring average cost for any historical RMA Credit items is available by request.
  • Fixed a few issues related to editing staff timesheets and matching staff with their assigned managers.
  • Check out the release notes for more details on 1.7.3!

Continuous Development Updates

In between official releases, we address bug fixes and sometimes minor features. Keep an eye on the Live Updates After 1.7.3 for all updates between 1.7.3 and the next release. We keep these inter-release pages updated with all the changes to RepairQ that occur between releases, so check back often!