Bring Your Data to Life with RepairQ’s Business Intelligence Reporting Features

Ask any business owner what they want to see year after year and you’ll get one answer: growth. Without relevant data and analysis, however, there is no path to growth. What if the point-of-sale and workflow management software you’re already using could compile real-time data for your business and present it in visually striking and easily digestible formats? This is exactly the power RepairQ gives business owners with its Business Intelligence features.

As you use RepairQ, it records and tracks the monumental amount of data it is being fed and compiles it within a series of dashboards. From on-hand assets, to net sales, to new tickets and a host of other industry KPIs that you can use to gauge the health of your business and forecast the future, RepairQ’s business intelligence gives you everything you need to make the adjustments that result in lower expenses, higher sales and bottom line growth.

The report builder tool gives users the ability to make custom reports and visualize their most relevant data. By using the data and growth metrics most applicable to your own organization, you can make decisions that are tailored to achieve your business’s unique objectives. The report builder also gives you the ability to apply the different data visualization models to the personalized data, taking the customization a step further. Not only will you see the data that makes the most sense for your business, but you can present it in a way that makes the most sense as well.

What is all this data and customization worth if you aren’t able to easily share it with the people that help drive growth decisions? We thought of that too, which is why Business Intelligence reports are exportable in multiple formats allowing the data to be easily uploaded to other systems or shared with those in your organization who stand to gain the most by viewing and understanding it.

There are countless applications that can turn raw data into meaningful visualizations, but another app is the last thing you need. Business intelligence is an integral part of RepairQ, built directly into the POS so there is no need to purchase, learn, and maintain an additional application. Plus, there’s no other system that knows your business like RepairQ. It knows your inventory, your sales, your ticket queue, your customer list and it turns these numbers into valuable insight showing you your best days to spend ad dollars, when your part costs are trending up, or if your employees are struggling to complete jobs within a given time frame among any number of other metrics that can help simplify processes and charter internal and external growth.

Get started with RepairQ’s Business Intelligence today and take the steps necessary to bolster your presence and achieve your goals.


Derek Aleman

Derek is a digital marketing coordinator, focused on implementing and optimizing SEO and SEM strategies in addition to assisting with marketing initiatives across all digital media. Outside of the office Derek is an avid motorsports enthusiast and enjoys backpacking as well as spending time with his Australian Shepard, Ripley.