Live updates after

Week starting 11.16.2015

  • 4440 – Ticket progress counts (on the dashboard) fix for statuses where warning / critical limits are blank
  • 4417 – Fixed issue with system log where some attribute changes would show as a numerical ID instead of a readable name

Week starting 11.30.2015

  • 4556 – Allow ticket “on hold / backorder” status at any time
  • 4178 – Fixed timezone issues with displaying duration for clocked in users on their timesheet
  • 4573 – Fixed show/hide report filters button
  • 4253 – Add print labels functionality to catalog index
  • 4374 – Track changes for warranty/disclaimer text in system log

Week starting 12.07.2015

  • 4580 – Enterprise Invoice – fixed issue where print view was not displaying the “bill to” company name for billing agents
  • 4574 – Fixed issue where saving a customer on a ticket after adding a store credit payment would effectively ignore the pending balance adjustment

Week starting 12.14.2015

  • 4583 – Fixed an issue with receiving backordered serialized items on a PO

Week starting 12.21.2015

  • 4587 – Fixed an issue where you would sometimes be unable to apply a 100% discount due to a “discount permissions exceeded” error, even with 100% discount permissions.

Week starting 12.28.2015

  • 4586 – Fixed an issue where role table on staff edit page was breaking role labels onto a new line, divorcing them from the associated checkbox
  • 4425 – System Log for deleted Inventory Items now displays the name of the item correctly
  • 4506 – Fixed inventory Item redirect upon delete from “inspect” page
  • 4535 – Refurb Tickets are no longer counted in customer ticket count (on customer view page)
  • 4558 – Added the ability to display inventory item carrier on inventory labels
  • 4591 – Fixed sending purchase order notifications where shipping cost is not set
  • 4592 – Fixed Inventory Usage reports export to Excel if the export is run before clicking on one of the inventory status tabs

Week Starting 01.05.2016

  • 4488 – Mobile Defenders Integration – Use warehouse specific stock levels for stock check feedback messages
  • Added the ability to deliver a ticket export on a scheduled basis
  • Added the ability to deliver an inventory snapshot export on a scheduled basis

Week Starting 01.11.2016

  • 4596 – Inventory Count Index – Fixed “Bin #” filter, which was not filtering matches properly
  • 4598 – Invoice payments with store credit – Fixed the calculation that limited the amount of store credit that could be applied. Now you can always apply store credit up to the allowable limit.

Week Starting 01.25.2016

  • 4608 – Restore functionality of limiting the Repair Device List to catalog items marked as “repairable”. Also, fixed a bug in the manual “stock inventory item” action where you could select a non-inventoried item to add stock under.
  • 4609 – Fixed a scenario where the discount permissions function failed to run, which prevented ticket edit from loading fully.

Week Starting 02.01.2016

  • 4572 – Added Bluefin contact number and support email to Bluefin error messages.
  • 4607 – Update credit card swipe fields to prevent password manager interference. We also included more visual cues to the input so that you know when it is ready to swipe, finished reading a swipe, has a valid swipe read, or has an invalid swipe read. NOTE: if the credit card swipe field styling looks weird, just reload/refresh the page in your browser to clear it up.