RepairQ 1.13 is on it’s way!

RepairQ® 1.13 – What’s New?

Ticket Status Portal & APIs

RepairQ offers a new way to provide status updates to your customers. Your customers can now check in on their ticket status on demand with their name and ticket number, or from a link you can attach to notifications and receipts. Following the link will show the customer a brief summary of the ticket, the current status, balance due, and when it was last updated. Ticket notes, one-click phone calls to the store, and one-click directions to the store are available to the customer for quick and easy engagement.

You have a few options for exposing this feature to your customers:

Option 1: Use the ticket status lookup page we built for you

Option 2: Embed our sample code into your website

Option 3: Use RepairQ APIs to integrate the lookup feature into your own website or application

Accounting Journal Entries

RepairQ now generates journal entries for sales, payments, COGS, inventory, and taxes payable into one report. With these new accounting settings, you can automate the process of classifying your transactions from RepairQ into your chart of accounts, giving you the flexibility you need to efficiently export accounting information from RepairQ and into your accounting system.

Automate your accounting journal delivery with the Business Intelligence automator.

QuickBooks® Online Integration

The QuickBooks Online integration extends the RepairQ Accounting Journal feature. The Accounting Journal feature gives accountants & bookkeepers a simple way to match RepairQ accounting data with prepared journal records ready for export & import into most accounting systems.

With RepairQ’s QuickBooks Online integration, users of QuickBooks Online can simplify the process further by automating the export and import of daily journal entries.

Point of Sale Improvements

The RepairQ point of sale is receiving many improvements, including many features designed to reduce the amount of time it takes to process tickets. This release introduces two new features designed to reduce the time it takes to sell an item and reduce the time it takes to receive a payment.

a. Barcode Scanning

Now you don’t need to click anything to sell an item on a ticket! Now when using a barcode scanner, the item will be added to the ticket automatically, and you don’t even need to focus on the ticket item search box first! Simply start a new ticket, scan a barcode, and watch as it is added to the ticket like a traditional point of sale.

b. Quick Cash Buttons

Take cash payments with a single click using the new quick cash buttons. Based on the balance due, RepairQ will suggest each possible cash combination your customer might pay with. Simply click the button for the bill(s) they hand you, and then you are done booking the payment!



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