Use RepairQ’s Built-in Marketing Toolkit to Convert More of Your Website Visitors to Customers

Do you want to grow your repair business?

We thought so. That’s why RepairQ, the most trusted POS for repair shops, created the best marketing toolkit for your website called, Qsite. Qsite is a web app you embed in your marketing website to drive leads, track conversions and build customer loyalty; all synced with RepairQ.

With Qsite’s Opportunities, you can share all of your shop’s information, as well as a menu of services, pricing, and even appointment availability. Qsite’s goal is to help you engage your website visitors, provide them convenience and information, and help convert them to potential customers.  A well executed online experience is an important strategy for any growing business. For shop owners with little time or budget to build something custom, Qsite brings a ton of value.

How exactly does Qsite Opportunities work?

Getting started is simple:

  1. Personalize it with your logo and brand color
  2. Configure which locations and request types you wish to show
  3. Choose which services and pricing to display
  4. Customize the experience by editing page titles and descriptions
  5. Copy and paste the embed code on your website or link to our hosted page from your menu

Once it’s set up, your website visitors will be able to:

  • Browse your stores by location
  • Shop for services related to their products
  • Submit their contact info to get an instant quote
  • Schedule an appointment for service

Everything syncs with RepairQ, so your website is always up-to-date. Your visitors’ contact info, quotes and appointments save in RepairQ giving you a CRM to track your leads.


What are the benefits of using Qsite Opportunities?

For your website visitors, the benefits are convenience, transparency, and information. By giving visitors easy access to store locations, services, and availability; repair business owners empower them and instantly build trust.

For repair stores, the benefit is converting more visitors to leads. When visitors know what to expect before they commit, it establishes trust and trust drives conversion.

Qsite Opportunities is, without a doubt, one of the most valuable resources included with RepairQ. With just a little setup, any business can start generating new leads and build meaningful relationships with new and existing customers alike. Don’t miss out, get started with Qsite Opportunities and start taking advantage of everything RepairQ can do for your business!