4 Solutions to Tech Repair Service Pain Points

From faulty hardware right out of the box to broken screens after an adventurous road trip, everyone deals with a broken electronic device eventually. In fact, around 5,800 phone screens alone are broken every hour. This, among other reasons, is why efficiency in the repair service industry is so vital for the consumer.

Entrepreneurs and large electronics companies whose stakeholders depend on top-notch repairs tend to face many of the same challenges on the administrative and software level: their operation is not efficient enough and it’s causing expense bleeds. This, of course, then trickles down to the all-important consumer experience.

RepairQ squashes these pain points with the following solutions:

#1 Intuitive Accounting Features

Many small business owners and corporate accountants know that the first way to cut expense bleeds at their source is to take a look at the numbers. What’s going in, and what’s going out? To get to the heart of the matter, you’ll need accurate reports.

How can you get a better look at what’s going in and out of your business? With intuitive accounting features, particularly those that include automations, such as synched transaction data. An integrated software system that includes accounting automations will also bring a more accurate picture of what’s going on with your business, as manual accounting has a greater margin for error.

#2 A Better Grasp on Your Inventory

Especially as it relates to electronics repair services, knowing exact counts and expenses for parts inventory is vital to maintain profitability. When devices are first released for consumer use, extra parts are hard to come by. With the demand high, the price for repair service companies to remain stocked is also high. Then, as newer models and devices are introduced, the value of the part on the shelf depreciates.

Why does this matter? Because if you can better track the details of your inventory, you can keep an eye on what you have stocked and plan accordingly. Perhaps you’ve noticed an SKU that’s been in your system for more than a year. With no demand for that part in repair tickets, you may find that it’s time to sell it before you have to completely eat the cost.

Software features like inventory management provided RepairQ can help you stay up to date, so you can manage your parts now and plan for the future.

#3 An Affordable, Customer Friendly Point-of-Sale System

Hardware prices can be insane. We know. A point-of-sale setup for your repair transactions alone can cost upwards of a thousand dollars – if not more. But with the development of easy-to-use smart devices, these old transaction portals are quickly becoming a thing of the past. That goes for the little guy with one or two shops as well as the successful corporation.

RepairQ has joined hundreds of other software applications by exercising the benefits of the smart device for the sake of purchases and ticket creation. RepairQ allows you to use a tablet for your transactions, drastically cutting the overhead cost of your hardware. Instead of spending $1,200 on an interactive card reader, you can provide the same service for less than $500. Add that savings up across multiple locations and you have a significant chunk of extra change.

#4 Say Goodbye to Long-Term Commitments

Let’s face it, long-term contracts can be an enemy of the repair service entrepreneur. Especially for those who are just starting out. You may not be sure where to turn for software – or how successful it will be once you’ve integrated it into your process. The wrong partner can back you into a long-term deal you weren’t prepared for, adding unnecessary expenses in the long run.

These days, software companies can read the room. That’s why companies like RepairQ don’t require long-term contracts – all while providing a simple set up with dedicated, informed support throughout the partnership.

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