3 Simple Software Solutions for Better Repairs and Returns Logistics

As a manufacturer or third-party beholden to retailers’ product needs, there are a lot of challenges to overcome with 2022 around the corner. Between the customer’s experience and the ever-growing demand for greater reverse supply chain efficiency, becoming an expert at moving products and ensuring their visibility has never been so vital for operational success.

Competitor companies, especially larger corporations, continue to provide evolutionary opportunities for customers to obtain peace of mind when they return a product or send it in for repairs. It can be difficult to keep up. That’s why we’ve put together this list of digital solutions you may want to consider as you shop around for reverse logistics management software. Read on to learn more.

#1 Updated Algorithms for Operational Efficiency

You’ll want software that enables a streamlined process for the product’s venture in the reverse supply chain. This is where features like smart routing come into play. From the moment a customer or retailer makes a claim to the end of the claim’s lifespan—whether the product returns to the customer or the warehouse—your system’s algorithm should route the best possible location and delivery timeline.

illustration of ServiceManager workflow management

What Is Supply Chain Smart Routing?

Smart routing is an automation feature in modern programming that’s meant to find the best possible routes for warehousing, repairs, and delivery. Through smart routing software, businesses can ideally increase efficiency and cut down on resource costs. Subsequently, much of the business’s operations will benefit – specifically on a reporting and analytical front.

#2 An Interface Customized for Uniformity

The supply chain can be complicated and involve several product stakeholders. The reverse supply chain can get even hairier as it may introduce new locations for product delivery, additional parts, and other factors.

So, software that enables a tailored user interface (UI) for uniformity is a must-have for your reverse logistics operations. Why? Because keeping all your digital eggs in one basket via a single website portal benefits everyone involved – from outside parties down to the customer. This way, manufacturers may easily manage the widespread administrative work of having several third-party partners overseeing various products.

A manufacturer, for example, dealing in three different types of computer technology is likely to use three (or more, depending on the product) different partners for refurbishment or returns. When the manufacturer’s interface provides management opportunities for all three partners on a single dashboard, they’re able to be more efficient.

Likewise, companies that specialize in repairs can also benefit from this solution when managing operations for their multiple manufacturing partners.

illustration of data from multiple locations

Don’t Forget the Retailer and Customer

No conversation on UI is complete without discussing the opportunities therein for the spenders. Uniformity in your software—we’re talking branding and colors as well as simpler dashboards—makes the returns & repairs experience much less confusing for retailers and customers. And it makes visibility on their product that much easier, which leads us to the final solution. 

#3 Prioritized Visibility at Every Level

Stakeholders are willing to pay for the perks of status and location visibility for their products. Nothing brings a customer or retail client peace of mind quite like product visibility. Prioritize it in your management software and you’ll influence a more positive experience across the board.

illustration of customizable features

Workflow Management for Internal Visibility

Similarly, your software should allow for exceptional internal visibility, giving you the freedom to customize workflows and tailor them to your operational needs.

ServiceCentral – Process RMA Claims Efficiently, Manage Partnerships, Improve Stakeholder Experience

At ServiceCentral, we pride ourselves on the way our products boost workflows and streamline reverse logistics management. We understand how complex these issues can be. A single click of a button from an unhappy customer can be a catalyst for a long-winded return or repair process. But it shouldn’t be that way.

Customers deserve a painless endeavor. Retailers shouldn’t have to scratch their heads over a claim. And you shouldn’t have to scramble trying to put out fires for everyone involved – whether you’re a manufacturer or a third-party service.

Our software can help you minimize the chaos and cut down on strenuous resource use. Learn more with a quick call or connect with us online.