RepairQ co-founders present for a fifth time at the CPR Conference

James Schellhorn and Jeff Foster, RepairQ Co-Founders, were honored to be key presenters at the Cell Phone Repair Annual Conference for the fifth year in a row.

Schellhorn led a session at CPR’s vendor day which highlighted key product advancements and provided CPR attendees with a first look at RepairQ’s 2019-2020 roadmap. ServiceCentral, RepairQ’s parent company, and CPR have long been strong partners and allies in the retail repair shop industry. ServiceCentral provides unique software and solutions for OEMs, insurance companies, depots, and repair shops that service consumer equipment. CPR is the largest repair shop franchise in the world with over 800 locations, as well as a longtime user of ServiceCentral’s point-of-sale and repair tracking software, RepairQ.

The annual CPR Conference is an exclusive two-day event where repair shop owners, industry leaders, and premium vendors come together to share their experiences on stage, in workshops, and after hours. Held this year in Las Vegas, CPR boasts one of the largest consumer electronic repair shop focused conferences in the US.

When asked about his time at the show, Schellhorn stated, “I’m really honored to be invited back for the fifth time to share with CPR attendees. It’s always an exceptionally enriching and collaborative event. Every year we try to come with new content and announcements exclusive to the show, but we always leave with better ideas and feedback!” James Schellhorn is the Chief Business Development Officer for ServiceCentral, with more than 15 years of experience consulting with small businesses and designing better software for them.


About ServiceCentral and RepairQ

RepairQ, is the first software built uniquely to manage any type of repair shop. From point of sale that focuses on services, consumer experiences that focus on excellence, or unique tools that bring financial, supply, and referral services closer to retailers, RepairQ has everything a growing shop needs. With over 40,000 service providers supported, ServiceCentral hosts additional software, solutions and services that span business including OEMs, insurance companies, reverse logistics depots, 3PLS, and local repair shops. For more information, visit and or find us at