Customer Inquiries Bogging Down Your Call Center?

Whether your company is just starting out or has been around the block a few times, customer experience can always be improved.

Managing customer inquiries can be a challenge. Customers call to check in on the status of their repair and nobody wants to leave without answers. But the fact of the matter is that those calls are keeping call center staff from time spent on more profitable projects. 

Let’s walk through a hypothetical situation: 

The average call center employee is paid $18/ hour. And they can take 6 calls in that hour. Each call they answer usually lasts around 10 minutes. Let’s say 50% of those calls are related to a simple status check. Even though it sounds like a simple call, good customer service requires pleasantries and procedure so the call still takes an average of 10 minutes.  

So taking all that into account:

Three calls per hour are status updates. $18/ hour divided by 60 gives us 0.3 so each minute of the employee’s time is $0.30. A call is 10 minutes so 10 times 0.3 is $3. Basically, you are paying your call center staff roughly $3 per call answered. With our logic from above each hour there are 3 status calls, so $9 per hour on a simple task that many companies have already made available to customers online. Over the course of 1 day that 1 employee has answered 24 status calls and potentially cost you 24 times 3 …. $72. 

Illustrating the number of hours spent on calls and how much money that is costing you.

Think about that. How much would an online customer portal save you? And what if that portal did more than just allowing customers to check on their own repairs? The ROI is pretty clear. If your call center handles RMA processing, while they are answering status calls you are losing out on revenue-building RMA. And let’s not even get started on customer satisfaction. No one likes waiting on a phone with no knowledge of what is going on behind the scenes. 

ServiceCentral® has the tool kit to easily build a better online experience for consumers and vendors alike. From returns and service authorization and scheduling, to status and resolution reporting, we can help. With ServiceManager™, ServiceCentral’s enterprise service management software platform, customers and consumers can create RMAs and track the returns process through a dedicated portal. Providing unmatched flexibility with fully configurable workflows and best-in-class service management functionality. Build a better reverse logistics business and manage unique fulfillments your ERP simply can’t handle.

If you’d like to learn more about ServiceManager, get in touch with one of our industry experts.