Reverse Logistics Management Solutions for the Medical Industry

The Business Problem

The global pandemic has not only resulted in stay at home orders, overflowing ICUs and shutdown economies; it’s also uncovered critical gaps in OEMs’ and Service Providers’ IT systems. One industry that has seen an overwhelming need for more powerful solutions is healthcare. In addition, the OEMs and Service Providers supporting the healthcare industry are experiencing an unprecedented increase in volume.

Repaired EKG machines ready for use

The Solution

For companies who provide life-saving medical equipment, the ability to track assets in real-time, both in-house and in the field plus capture failure and repair detail for every order is a requirement. These insights promote product quality, thorough adherence to repair guidelines and result in improved profitability for the service organization. 

If you’re still managing your complex processes with spreadsheets or outdated systems, ServiceManager can help.

The Outcome

This powerful software successfully helps healthcare customers implement more efficient processes allowing them to:

  • Combine technical solutions saving time and money
  • Reduce cost
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Meet compliance obligations with ease
  • Manage inventory across multiple sources
  • Improve continuity of service
Sterile medical environment

ServiceManager is a robust application that offers end to end visibility of your returns program and repair process. Contact us to learn more.

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