Multi-Billion Dollar Global Services Company Selects ServiceCentral’s Software Solution

One of the world’s largest global services companies has selected ServiceCentral’s service management software solution as the core reverse logistics platform to support returns management processes across the APAC region.

May 7, 2012 — ServiceCentral Technologies announces that a leading global services company has selected ServiceCentral to provide the core service management software platform for its reverse logistics solutions across the Asia-Pacific region. The multi-billion dollar company will utilize ServiceCentral’s solution within their service channels to manage product service, return and repair processes from retail partners to their distributed logistics hubs.[quote align=”right”]We selected ServiceCentral as our software provider due to their dynamic flexibility to support vaious operating models across our clients and regions.”[/quote]

The company’s decision to move forward with ServiceCentral’s web-based Service Management Software solution is based on a successful pilot of the solution to manage the end to end RMA processing of consumer electronics in a regional facility. “After nearly a year long search we selected ServiceCentral as our software provider due to their dynamic flexibility to support various operating models across our clients and regions”, the global Chief Technology Officer stated, adding, “Once implemented we can quickly launch new client programs without engaging long-term IT projects, bringing about a very quick return on our investment.”

ServiceCentral’s solution has a long history in the after-market services industry as a best-in-class service management software solution that streamlines customer and device support, enforces warranty compliance, and enhances business intelligence and transaction visibility for consumers, vendors and other key stakeholders. ServiceCentral’s configuration capability and flexibility allows for quick to market customized solutions for each service channel supported. Additionally, integrations between ServiceCentral and existing ERP and WMS systems for services, including serial number validation and stock management, provide improved data integrity and efficiencies using one platform.

Steve Teel, President and CEO of ServiceCentral, commented, “We are both honored and excited to work with this global leader in logistics services to implement our Service Management Solutions. This selection of ServiceCentral reflects the demand for highly configurable service management solutions to support multiple client engagements.”