ServiceCentral Announces New Integration Framework for its Service Management Software Solution

Service Integration Bus facilitates better interaction and communication between ServiceCentral and external applications.

October 17, 2013 — In a continued effort to provide best-of-breed service management software solutions to its global customers, ServiceCentral has just launched its new integration framework called Service Integration Bus (SIB). This new architecture model allows for significantly easier and faster integration capabilities for ServiceCentral’s customers. The SIB not only enables more integration points but also improves user security and management.

Many businesses utilize multiple systems to manage different aspects of their operations. The SIB creates standardized points of integration with any of these systems including ERP, Financial ,WMS, and CRM to name just a few. Al Seidl, CTO of ServiceCentral, said “We frequently were building custom integrations with the disparate systems used by our customers. By building the SIB, we’ve created a common gateway for these integrations that allows for faster deployment, easier change management, and routine support.”

The SIB provides a valuable framework for easier data import when syncing data with external systems. Many of ServiceCentral’s customers use this kind of function for maintaining customer, product, parts, and user data across multiple systems. Moreover, this framework also supports LDAP and single login process technologies enhancing ServiceCentral’s user security and compatibility with other systems.

For more information about the SIB and ServiceCentral’s service management software solutions, contact ServiceCentral today.