ServiceCentral’s Service Management Software 7.0 Hits the Market

Just released, the latest version of ServiceCentral’s Service Management Software represents a huge leap forward in their goal to deliver best of breed software for after-market product support, service, returns and repair management needs.

December 14, 2011 — Today ServiceCentral Technologies announces the launch of version 7.0 Service Management Software Suite™. This latest release of ServiceCentral software includes a complete user interface redesign, a new RMA focused consumer facing web portal, and the expansion of ServiceCentral’s robust workflow customization capabilities. The software enhancements add to the power of system functionality and control back into the hands of business stakeholders and system users.

fig1newinterfacethumbServiceCentral’s Service Management 7.0 includes simpler system setup tools and expands on the range of business processes supported by the system. Most notable is the ability to configure which data segments and fields appear on each step in a workflow, including where and how they appear, data validations applied and security level driven access rights. Improvements to existing features are enhanced dashboard reporting to strengthen operational intelligence and increased inventory controls for shop floor and asset management requirements.

Finally, the new ServicePortal™ module offered within the ServiceCentral 7.0 software suite is a consumer focused web-based interface to submit and track product returns (RMAs). The RMA ServicePortal™ can be implemented on any website and will verify product serial numbers, confirm warranty validations, and provide real-time status updates. Mark Riley, Director of Sales for ServiceCentral, says, “This consumer facing portal enables companies of all sizes to offer after-product repair service to their customers on the same level as would a giant corporation. It is a solution that makes the return and repair process easier for our clients and more convenient to their own customers.”

summary1thumbThe Service Management 7.0 advancements benefit ServiceCentral software owners and business decision makers with more control and less reliance on professional services and IT. Giving the ability to control software functionality via configuration can be a lifesaver in terms of speed to production and cost; amounting to huge savings in terms of time and dollars in development/IT resources. Steve Teel, President of ServiceCentral, states, “A key competitive differentiator that sets ServiceCentral apart from other service management point solutions and ERPs is that our SAAS and hosted solution offerings typically meet an unprecedented 80% to 90% of our customer and prospect system requirements out-of-box. ServiceCentral understands that companies in the after-market product support market need a solution that can be flexible support their range of services and grow with their needs without all the unknown expenses associated with most software customizations.”