ServiceManager 8.0: Helping OEMs, 3PLs, and Service Depots Improve Customer Satisfaction

An Interview with ServiceCentral’s Chief Operating Officer, Darrell Morales

Darrell Morales calls himself a technologist and an analyst. Solving business problems with technology is his life’s work. We spoke about the vision behind ServiceManager’s most recent upgrade and how the platform is helping customers improve processes and profitability in diverse industries throughout the world.

ServiceCentral Chief Operating Officer Darrell Morales

Tell me about ServiceManager. How has it evolved?

Ours is a dedicated service management platform developed and evolving over the past twenty years in direct collaboration with customers in after-sales.

For many years we have focused on developing scalable best in class reverse logistics functionally and flexibility. With the release of 8.0 we have concentrated solely on the front end with a result that will exceed the UI expectations of our customers, while at the same time improves UX and productivity.

For many years we focused on deep functionality and scalability but in talking more with our customers, we discovered opportunities to improve usability. This release improves usage and compliance resulting in reduced onboarding and training costs for our customers.


What’s unique about your platform?

Service management is what we do; our system is not an add-on to an ERP or CRM. It’s designed to perform as a standalone or thrive as a part of an enterprise ecosystem.

Not only are customers gaining a robust, full-featured service management platform, but they are also partnering with experts in service management processing and best practices. Our best assets are our people, who are service management industry veterans.


What types of businesses benefit from this platform?

High volume and/or high value (in terms of products) is where ServiceManager fits best.

While we tend to focus on companies servicing high volume, high value, serialized devices, our solutions serve a broad and global market.

ServiceManager benefits service organizations that require process controls around high volume and/or high value product return and repair services.

At the same time, the ServiceManager install base serves a broad spectrum of global service and service network models.

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What are the major enhancements customers will see in version 8.0?

This version focuses primarily on an upgraded user experience. Along with the look and feel, we’ve implemented new technologies to support B2B and B2C portals.

Our core portal technology is responsive, making it easy for shop floor technicians and field personnel to use.

These portals can be implemented as standalone solutions or integrated into customers’ existing websites. Also, customers can brand and integrate the service for use directly with business partners or consumers.


Tell me about ServiceCentral’s other products. Who do they serve?

There is a real need for after-sales services now and there will continue to be high demand for these services in the future with the explosive growth of connected devices and growing reliance on IoT. This is where our solutions come in–all are focused on after-sales services.

RepairQ® is a powerful point-of-sale and management software designed specifically for repair shops.

ServiceNetwork™ connects independent service providers with authorizers (like OEMs and insurance companies) to deliver product services to consumers on their behalf.


According to your website, in 2020 there are four internet-connected devices for each human being on Earth. What does the explosive growth in tech products mean for your business?

We anticipate increased demand across our full suite of solutions. With the evolution of 5G, dependency on connected devices will continue to rise. OEM’s, insurers and extended warranty providers will require efficient, low-cost solutions to keep devices and equipment running.

ServiceCentral will be there connecting authorizers to services armed with software to quickly service customers, capture data, and report on the services authorized and provided.