So you want to reevaluate your reverse logistics solutions?

So you’ve been tasked with evaluating reverse logistics alternatives for your company and aren’t sure where to start? It’s a tale that’s not as uncommon as you might think and is something we’ve seen time and time again when meeting with prospective new partners. Reverse logistics can be complicated and confusing and knowing what the better option is can be equally convoluted. 

Generally speaking, introspection is often the best place to start. What led you to this project? Where is your current partner falling short? Or what are some pain points you have with your current pieced together system? What does your current partner do well that you aren’t willing to live without? Using this perspective to frame your search is the best way to make sure that you set your plan up for success. 

When working with our prospective partners we also notice that with a decision this large you need to gather your team together. Moving a successful company takes skill and bringing in the key players at the right time takes experience. We’ve been there.  

With all of these points in mind we set out to create a single document that anyone on a mission to find a new reverse logistics partner could use to feel empowered to ask the right questions and make a confident decision. Whether it’s your first time evaluating potential partners or you’re a seasoned vet, a second, third, or fourth brain is hardly ever a bad thing and it’s our hope that our perspective can serve that role. 

Download our quick guide and get the proper jump on the revamp your reverse logistics need!

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