Telecom New Zealand Experiences Success with ServiceCentral’s Newest Service Management Software Release

Telecom New Zealand reports a positive experience and immediate benefits from the successful upgrade of its retail service management software and Telegistics’ repair center software to ServiceCentral’s latest product suite release. 

December 3, 2008 — ServiceCentral Technologies announces that Telecom New Zealand is experiencing immediate benefits from the successful upgrade to ServiceCentral’s latest unified service management software release. Telecom utilizes the ServiceCentral system to track mobile phones through the after-sales service, return, exchange, repair and OEM warranty claim processes. Since 2005, ServiceCentral’s reverse logistics software solutions have enabled Telecom to improve the customer service experience, achieve operational efficiencies and gain visibility into work order management and wireless handset performance.

Telecom uses the ServiceCounter™ module in hundreds of retail service counters for customer service, OTB/ELF exchange, loaner and returns management. Additionally, the ServiceManager™ and WarrantyManager™ modules are used at the Telegistics Authorized Service Center for product repair tracking and warranty claims automation. In addition to the upgrade of these modules, Telecom implemented ServiceCentral’s CustomerLink™ web application, giving customers a self-service tool to track the status of their handset repair from the Telegistics website.

ServiceCentral’s new service management software release enables clients to build unlimited custom workflows, work order screens, data fields, input validations, and Ad Hoc reports all within the realm of the core product. “ServiceCentral has been a strong partner to Telecom over the past three years and we are extremely pleased with the performance of the new 6.3 release and the success of the upgrade project. We feel the newest software features immediately benefit Telecom as we look to expand our repair management services to include GSM handsets with the launch of Telecom’s new network next year,” stated Mike Parris, General Manager at Telegistics. Jean-Marc Kightley, Telegistics Operations Manager, followed by saying “I’m really looking forward to making use of the new Ad Hoc reporting tool as it will help me quickly respond to various requests for information from our internal and external customers.’

Steve Teel, President of ServiceCentral, commented “We are very pleased that Telecom has chosen to move forward with this major service management software upgrade. This release puts a lot of power into the hands of their system administrator to configure and customize the system in ways that had previously required development resources. This administrative flexibility allows Telecom to drastically reduce the cost and time associated with change management and our comprehensive reporting tools enable Telecom with the business intelligence needed to make strategic decisions and increase profit margins.”

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