ServiceCentral Unveils Repair Management Solution for Global Encrypted Communications Firm

ServiceCentral Technologies, Inc., announced that it will provide its web-based reverse logistics, service, and repair management software solutions to a global an encrypted communications firm.

Through the partnership with ServiceCentral Technologies, this organization will be able to transform its after-market service arena into a profit stream. Service requests come through a call center, and the call center initiates a return material authorization (RMA) on ServiceCentral’s main management software platform. Customers then receive instructions on their device guiding them to a local authorized service center.

Each authorized service center will use ServiceCentral software to track and manage service and repairs, allowing the client to connect their network and collect aggregate and actionable business information. Where appropriate, the ServiceCentral platform offers flexibility needed by some service centers allowing those centers to integrate their own systems with ServiceCentral software to receive and send RMAs, associated repair data, and warranty information.

ServiceCentral will serve as the source of record for all operations for their product service and repair management. Leveraging the ServiceCentral platform will allow this organization to focus on their product and customer satisfaction more than ever. With ServiceCentral Technologies being used by this Enterprise, the return process will be easier than ever, from start to finish.

About ServiceCentral Technologies, Inc

ServiceCentral Technologies, Inc. provides web-based support and software solutions designed to allow companies to create a revenue stream from after-sales service functions. The software is functional, modular, and configurable, used to streamline workflows to track product returns, warranty, service, repairs & parts through the entire post-sales service chain. It can be used anywhere in the service and repair activity chain. ServiceCentral software is scalable for businesses of all sizes. The company is based in Atlanta, and was established in 1991.