Zapier brings automation and integration to RepairQ with more than 2,000 apps to choose from.

Using RepairQ’s powerful webhooks plus Zapier, you can create and schedule data to be automatically shared with integrated applications through Zapier. With Zapier you can build upon your data, creating unique automations and rules to help orchestrate events with other apps in their marketplace.


Unleash Your Data

Use RepairQ BI, included in RepairQ Professional, to deliver data on customers, sales, repairs, opportunities, and more.


Connect More Apps

Quickly build integrations to third-party apps using RepairQ BI, webhooks, and Zapier.


Create Automations

With RepairQ BI, pick the data you want, schedule it when you want, then build automations with other apps in Zapier.

  • Calendaring – Google Calendar and Chili Piper
  • CRM and Projects – Monday, Hubspot, Zoho, and Salesforce
  • Data Processing – Google Suite and Microsoft Office
  • Digital Marketing – Facebook, Google, Mailchimp, and Typeform
  • Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter

Thousands of apps and endless options await!

Try Zapier with RepairQ today by learning how to power smarter email marketing with RepairQ, Zapier, and Mailchimp!